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The team at Pettit Fiberglass Pools is committed to being your one stop pool shop. With our years of experience and dedication, we take you through the entire process from permitting to pool care.

Side By Side Comparison - Fiberglass Vs. Others

  • Pettit Fiberglass Pools
  • Concrete Pool
  • Liner Pool
Pettit Fiberglass PoolsConcrete PoolLiner Pool
Time To Install2-3 Days6 - 8 Weeks2 - 4 Weeks
GuaranteeLifetime Shell Warranty1 YearUp to 15 Yrs (seams)
Maintenance Hrs/Wk.Up To 1 Hour7 Hours5 Hours
Run Pump Electric Cost2 - 4 Hours a Day12 - 15 HoursUp to 10 Hours
Algae % Adhesion5%80%50%
ResurfaceNOIn 2 - 9 YearsOften
Quality ControlBy FactoryJob SiteJob Site
Subject To CrackingNOYESNO
Subject To StainingNOYESYES
Get StartedChoose FiberglassChoose Fiberglass

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