Happily ever after starts in your backyard, and Pettit Fiberglass Pools has been fulfilling pool dreams for over 40 years!

We proudly offer “8” different fiberglass pool design options and 2 spas, as well as an add-on spa to go with every style.

Defeat the Florida heat in the ARENA. It’s our best pool for family water games, swimming, and more.

With two contoured bench seats, the FIESTA is truly a popular choice for anyone looking to escape the sun.

The LAGUNA is our first swimmable pool, great for lounging!  It is the best seller in Pasco County!

The MILLENNIUM is the most curvaceous of our pools, made for socializing with lots of seating.

The ROMAN is the largest and most elegant of our pools. Fitting to its name, with a bench seat in the deep end. It is Florida luxury.

Don’t let the small size fool you, the SPLASH is our “WORKOUT” pool. With two lounge seats and enough room to float in the sun. 

Larger than you think…this pool is great for laps, seating, and games. It’s a huge fan favorite for local sport’s lovers.

Our new Oasis Fiberglass Pool is from a new Mold we just finished! Easy access steps across entire side. 

Our custom overflow spas (we have both 5×7 & 6×7 spas) can be added to any one of our pool design options to create a unique backyard oasis.

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