The Dames and Peace Caves

Brooksville is a more rustic part of Florida and is home to many beautiful spots and hideaways. One of Brooksville’s beautiful spots is the Dames and Peace Caves in the Withlacoochee State Forest!

Dames and Peace Caves


The Dames cave trail in Brooksville is a beautiful hiking trail that features several caves. But the caves are almost like a secret spot as there is no map on how to get to the Dames and Peace Caves. The caves are located on trail 22, and there is almost no way to know that you’ve reached the start of the trail. There are no trail markers except for a peace sign spray painted at the head of the trail. The trail is an easy 1.2 mile hike that circles back around to the start. It is suitable for all ages and if you plan to go caving bring a flashlight and some headgear. The trail features several caves but two of the most popular caves are the Vandal cave, and the Peace cave. 


The Vandal Cave is located right on trail 22 and at first just looks like a hole in the ground. If you walk around the side of the Vandal Cave, you’ll find a smaller cave. Inside the smaller cave you’ll realize how the Vandal Cave got its name, as the whole cave is covered in graffiti.


The Peace Cave is located on a smaller trail connected to trail 22 and is only a few minutes walk from the Vandal Cave. The Peace Cave is marked by a giant spray painted peace sign on a tree. The Peace Cave has a smaller opening compared to the Vandal Cave but it is still manageable. True to its name, once inside the Peace Cave you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of peace as the temperature drops. 


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