Sunwest Park, a giant Hudson Florida swimming pool

Hudson is a historical city that was once home to pirates. While there are no more pirates to fight or treasure to find, Hudson still has lots to do. A popular spot to meet up with friends in Hudson is Sunwest Park.

Sunwest Park features a public access beach, volleyball courts, and concession stands. But Sunwest Park isn’t just a beach it is also home to The Lift Adventure Park. The Lift Adventure Park has four different adventures you can pick from. You can choose to kayak, wake board, the water obstacle course, or the water rope walk. The Lift has different types of day passes or memberships. During the summer they also host a wake boarding camp for children.

While a great area to swim, for more relaxing private moments not surrounded by strangers, choose a Fiberglass Pool by Pettit Fiberglass Pools made here in Tampa Bay Florida and enjoy time with family in your own pool.